Even if Her Words Destroy My Dinosaur Life

Fandom blog about Motion City Soundtrack. Just admiring how awesome they are and trying to get their music out there. Run by issybees.tumblr.com
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Motion City Soundtrack | Everyone Will Die

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Motion City Soundtrack // The Future Freaks Me Out

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If only this were real… (Taken with instagram)


If only this were real… (Taken with instagram)

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Now, if you love Motion City Soundtrack, loved them in high school, love Pop punk, need more MCS on your dash, or even just adore the hilarious antics and shenanigans of Justin Pierre, then this is the blog for you!

This blog is Motion City Soundtrack all day, EVERY day.

And with the fast approach of album 5, you’ll have me keeping you updated on all things MCS. So come on! Follow this blog! Justin, Josh, Tony, Jesse and Matt would all want you to. 

Reblog this! Tell your friends with poor music taste to get their ass in gear! Buy their music, merch and follow this blog! Tell them they won’t regret it!

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10 Day Motion City Soundtrack Challenge

1. Favorite song. What it means to you - why is your favorite.
2. Favorite music video.
3. Favorite album artwork and why.
4. The song that you love but makes you sad - why it makes you sad.
5. The song that makes you happy - why it makes you happy.
6. Post your favorite lyrics but in a picture!
7.10 things that they or their songs make you feel.
8. Favorite picture of them- explain why/how you started to listen to them.
9. Favorite acoustic version of any of their songs.
10. 5 things why people should listen to them or why/how they inspires you.

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~ Friday, February 17 ~
Recording on the set of The Future Freaks Me Out

Recording on the set of The Future Freaks Me Out

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