Even if Her Words Destroy My Dinosaur Life

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~ Wednesday, July 18 ~


If I stand too close I might fall in,
But if I’m too far gone I’ll never win. 
If you believe in me I might just want
to spend some time with you again.

I’m afraid I tend to disappear into an anxious state
when you draw near.

There is no reasoning, it’s quite a silly thing,
but it’s the way I’ve been for years.

So I will understand if you don’t stay,
they say I’m great at first but then the magic fades
into an awful hue of dismal views and pessimistic attitude.

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~ Tuesday, June 12 ~

Hangman (feat. Mark Hoppus) — Motion City Soundtrack

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~ Sunday, March 4 ~

Motion City Soundtrack- Hold Me Down


Motion City Soundtrack- Hold Me Down

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